Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Whats that noise?

Rodders heard something just after 5am this morning that unsettled him and he started to squeak. OH got straight up with him and took him in the garden for a piddle and then they both settled down on the floor for a snooze with Rodders wrapped up against OH's chest on snuggle fleece. They remained there until the alarm went off.

As soon as I got up and dressed I took Rodders out for a piddle and poo so that OH could get ready in peace. He then carried some of the luggage and the crate out to the car before we went for breakfast.

Rodders started off a little bit noisy, barking as people came in, but we soon got him to settle and he lay on snuggle fleece between us. He got lots of fuss from the staff too.

Once breakfast was over we came back to the hotel and Rodders got lots more fuss from people in reception, one chap even took his photo. OH sorted out the bill and then had to go off to work. Rodders and I went back to the room to have a bit if a rest. I also took a call from the agency regarding the long term temp job, could I attend an interview at 4pm today. Yes I can :-)

We got a call from reception to ask if Rodders could do a guest appearance as there were more people that would like to see him. He was very happy to come out for more fuss and photo opportunities!

Afterwards we went back to the room and he settled down beside me on his snuggle fleece for another snooze and then woke up heaved twice and threw up :-( It would appear that green beans and cauliflower are not good for his tummy. Luckily it was all contained on the fleece.

I hadn't realised before, but he obviously wasn't his usual self this morning. Almost as soon as he had thrown up and I had cleared up he was back to his usual bouncy self so I decided it was a good time to head off for the final part of our adventure.

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