Thursday, 15 December 2011

A lively puppy

As I walked in the door I could hear Skevi talking to Rodders and then I heard him running down the room towards me. He was very happy to have me back and wanted up for a snuggle.

When Skevi got there he wasn't very sure about coming out of his crate and she had to bribe him out with treats. By the time I got home he was happy enough chasing the swiffer!

I rang the agency to let them know how I had got on with Rodders on my knee having a fuss. We are hopeful that we will have a decision overnight. My fingers are firmly crossed!

Skevi and I had a catch up. Her little one has now found out that he can get out of his cot so she needs to buy a stair gate to make sure he is safe upstairs. We already have a spare one in the loft so I will get OH to get it down for her to pick up when she is passing.

Rodders was happy to chase her about downstairs and once she moved upstairs he and I had a bit of a play until he wanted to settle down for a snooze with me.

He was still up on the sofa, on snuggle fleece, beside me when she left.

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