Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A long evening with OH

OH got home just before 4pm. As soon as Rodders heard the back gate go he wanted out in to the garden. He started off barking but these soon turned to whimpers of delight as he saw who it was and he was soon dancing around OH's legs.

He couldn't wait for OH to get inside and pick him up for a snuggle and was so thrilled nice he was up in his arms. Rodders was snuggling in to his neck and beard and giving him a wash. It is so lovely to see them together.

Once Rodders settled a little OH put him down and they both headed upstairs for OH to get changed. Rodders appeared back downstairs with my slipper and ran straight back upstairs when I took it off him. He then came back down with OH for a play in the conservatory.

Once Rodders was tired out he came through to the lounge and climbed on to his bed pad for a snooze. OH was pottering about checking his emails and planning how to put up the Christmas Tree lights safely, we have to think about Rodders this year. I did wonder wether we should forego a tree this year but he needs to get used to them as they will be in any other house we visit at this time of year so we had better start at home.

I went through to start dinner and called Rodders through for the carrot tops. He loves these and spent a happy half hour munching through three of them. A little later I threw some of the plain chicken in to his bowl to mix with the kibble for tonights dinner. It does seem as though he clears his bowl when there is something other than kibble and tonight was no exception.

Once dinner was over and we had cleared up Rodders was happy to settle on his bed pad while we watched television. It really is cold today and it has taken a while for the house to heat up so I put one of his snuggle fleeces over him. He seemed quite happy to be snuggled up under it!

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