Sunday, 11 December 2011

Saturday night, Sunday morning

Rodders lay on his bed pad almost the whole evening. He did get up to go outside for a piddle about 10pm and had a short play before collapsing again.

At 11pm I tried to get him to have another piddle before bed but he just came back in and climbed in to the bed pad in the crate once he could see that I was getting his treats.

There wasn't a sound until 6.50am. When I came down and let him out of his crate he just wanted to snuggle and it was a good ten minutes before he wanted to go in to the garden. He had a piddle and poo before a quick sniff about and then I made him come back in as he was barking.

Rodders then had a play with his toys and a snuggle on my lap before we went upstairs so that I could use the bathroom. While we were there he ate the kong full of kibble that he didn't eat yesterday.

When we came back downstairs he wanted straight up on my knee and once he dozed off I out him on the bed pad on the floor where he is now snoozing.

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