Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Putting up the Christmas Tree

As I sorted out lunch OH got the tree in and in to its stand. Rodders was helping as much as he could which involved licking OH's face and ears and jumping all over him when he lay down on the floor to tighten up the stand. So far Rodders doesn't seem too interested in the tree itself.

Once lunch was over OH started to put the lights on the tree. He is trying to make sure we are as puppy proof as possible and so the plugs will all be on top of my bookcases which means that we are starting the lights from the top of the tree rather than the bottom, a little unconventional but hey ho!

By late afternoon OH decided that we needed more lights (600 aren't enough apparently) so I got despatched to B&Q for more. He had also condemned two sets of lights that I have had since I first left home, I was very sad to see these go as my Mum bought them for me. When I got to B&Q it was 3 for 2 on all christmas decorations so I bought another 480 lights, a few more decorations and some gaffer tape. 

By the time I got back home Rodders and OH had been out the front to put the twinkly lights on my bush (this phrase always raises a giggle from one of my friends, no idea why ;-)) and the outside lights were laid out ready to go up. He had also set up the lighted Christmas trees on my window sill. We are looking as though Christmas is going to happen in this house now!

As the light was fading we all went out the front to put up the outside lights. Rodders seemed a bit confused by this as he had his lead on but wasn't getting to go anywhere so he just sat and barked at people going past and found some paper to chew.

OH put the rest of the lights on the tree while I peeled potatoes for dinner. At last, it was time to bring down the boxes and start to decorate the tree, my favourite bit :-) As I started to do this I was sure that we were some decorations missing, OH was sure that he had brought down all the boxes and I am sure he hadn't! I carried on decorating the tree as OH sorted out all the wires for the front lights and the tree lights. He has done a brilliant job and if Rodders manages to get anywhere near any of them it will be a miracle.

I managed to convince OH that we were definitely missing decorations and so the ladder went back upstairs so I could check. Sure enough I found them and pointed out where they were so that he could get them down. He then helped me to decorate the rest of the tree and get cleared up before dinner.

Through out all of this Rodders didn't seem too bothered, he stayed close to us but didn't interfere and went off to his bed pad for a snooze at one point. We also lost him for a minute and found him asleep in his crate!

I also had a bit of a silly five minutes and started crying. Not too sure what that was all about, possibly having to get rid of the lights OH had condemned as I am a bit of a soppy bugger. OH and Rodders were both there with cuddles and I managed to pull myself back together.

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