Friday, 30 December 2011

Late evening/early morning

Rodders didn't settle until very late last night, he was running about playing and up to mischief until 10.30pm when he flopped on his bed pad. I had to wake him to go out in to the garden for a piddle at 11.45pm and he didn't really want to go in to his crate. When he does this I lift his front paws in and then he usually walks the rest of the way in by himself and curls up. With his new black bed cover and a black fleece in there it is sometimes difficult to see him in there!

He started to grizzle just after 5.15am and I left him to see if he would settle. By 5.30am he was barking quite loudly so I got up and came down. He wanted a quick fuss but he was desperate to get out in to the garden for a piddle and a poo. When he came back in he was starving so I gave him his breakfast (50g id diet, 25g kibble) which he wolfed down. The two bowl trick is working, what I clever OH to come up with that!

Rodders also drank out of his new travel bowl which is great, he had been giving it a wide birth. Just need him to start drinking out of the water bowl in his crate and I will be very happy! I hate the fact that he had no water in his crate but there was no room for it with the new bed pad and, when he did have one, he spent more time upending it than drinking from it. We have bought him a small bowl that hangs from the side of the crate, it only holds about a mug full but is better than nothing. If he gets on OK with it I can try to find a bigger one.

After breakfast he was happy to play for an hour (oh whoopee!) before asking to come up on the sofa. He took a while to settle but once he did he slept for over 2 hours. Not sure he would have woken then but he heard me upstairs getting washed and dressed and came to investigate and run off with my slippers. He doesn't seem to run too far, he can normally be found on the landing with them.

He has been back out in to the garden and was barking at Bob next door. Once Bob stopped to talk to him he stopped barking, this is huge progress! Rodders is now lying on a snuggle fleece chewing his dental kong, once his tummy is all better and he is back on treats this should keep him quiet for ages as we can put liver treats in it and squidge toothpaste down the outside.

I made contact with a local dog walking service today to see if they can fit Rodders in for a couple of walks a week. They are going to give me a call back later to talk in more details but it looks good so far. They also provide home from home boarding so, if Rodders gets on OK with her, this could be an option for when OH and I go away in July.

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