Sunday, 11 December 2011

Left him to go shopping!

Rodders was ready for a snooze eventually so I asked him to go in to his crate. He can tell when I am going to go out, he starts to squeak as I lock the back door and if the dog walking coat doesn't go on he the squeaks turn in to moans of disgust! That said, he did go in to his crate without complaining. It was probably the treats.

I headed off to Tesco and spent a fortune but I have enough meat for at least this month, a spag bol kit for the freezer and some stuff to make soup with for tomorrow so I should only need to buy bread, milk and fresh vegetables until January. I knew that I would not get all the shopping in to the house in one go so I pulled up at the back and dropped it just inside the back gate before parking at the front and coming in.

I am not sure if Rodders heard the back gate but as soon as I came in the front door he started to bark. I let him out of his crate and he was squeaking and rolled straight on to his back for a tummy rub and then wanted to come up for a snuggle. Once he settled a little I opened the back door and we went to bring in the shopping. He was dancing in front of me and nearly tripped me up.

He was trying to bite the bags so I chucked him out the kitchen behind the baby gate and gave him a dentastik chew to keep him quiet. He gets through about three quarters of them before he gets bored but it does give me a bit of peace if there is something I need to do.

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