Saturday, 10 December 2011

Another good night

At 10.40 pm last night Rodders actually walked out in to the garden for a final piddle before bed but I still had to go with him, another week or so and I am sure he will be happy to go by himself.

Once back inside he thought about it for a minute before climbing on to his bed pad in the crate and waiting for me to lock up switch out lights and get his treats ready.  Once I gave his treats and locked the crate for the night there wasn't a peep until 5.50am even though I was pottering about upstairs for about 5 minutes.

On my way down I remembered to shut the lounge door. Once I let Rodders out of his crate he had a fuss and then went straight to the lounge door and wanted upstairs. When I said no he gave a squeak or two and then came to me for a snuggle. About five minutes later he asked to go outside for a piddle and a poo.

As soon as he came back in he went straight to his bed pad by the sofa and settled back to sleep, not even waking when I was ambling around sorting out things to take to my sister's today. I even had to wake him when I wanted to go upstairs for a shower.

As he hasn't had any breakfast I filled his Kong but he showed no interest in it while I showered and washed my hair, he was happy to lay on the bath mats and go back to sleep. When I opened the shower door he did come in for a quick drink.

He couldn't even be bothered to come back down the stairs by himself and he barked and squeaked until I went back up and got him. I can't believe how much sleep he has had in the last couple of days and he still seems tired.

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