Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lets not have breakfast

Rodders showed no interest in food at all until very late today so I just got on with things and ignored it.

I eventually went to get washed and dressed about 11am and he couldn't really be bothered to come upstairs but did eventually join me in the bedroom. He had a play on the bed while I got dressed.

Once we came back downstairs he wanted out in the garden for a piddle and then had a little play. It is already a bit windy and it is going to get worse.

When he came back in I put on my coat and his lead and he started to do summersaults and jumping up and biting my coat. We headed out the back door and in to the car. He settled down quickly but did start to bark about 15 minutes in to our journey which is really unusual. Luckily we were nearly at Pet Supermarket so I just told him to wait. As soon as I opened the crate he was straight out and standing on the boot ledge while I out the lead on and started to bark at people in the car park. He didn't seem to need a piddle so we made our way inside.

Rodders was making sure that everyone knew he was there and continued to bark at people he saw and when he could hear toys being squeaked. I managed to find another of the bed pads as he seems to like the one we have already bought and got him a water bowl for travelling with. I also got toothpaste and a toothbrush and a tooth cleaning kong which will probably be saved for Christmas. He also has a new lead ready for puppy class tomorrow.

A few people stopped to talk to him and he was quite good with one lady and actually approached her, he wasn't too keen on the others though.

We bumped in to a huge dog, a spanish mastiff, and Rodders wanted to say hello. He was about ten times Rodders size but he wasn't bothered by that at all. His owner got him to lie down and Rodders went nose to nose with him! It was really funny but I think his owner was a bit worried as he is a bit of a handful to control due to his size so we moved on.

At the till Rodders was given treats which he wolfed down. He didn't complain about getting back in the car but when we got home I only just managed to clip his lead on before he jumped down! I am going to have to open the crate wide enough to get the lead on but not enough for him to get out.

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