Friday, 30 December 2011

A bit of walking and a bit of shopping

The postie came and delivered the new choke chain I ordered yesterday, what great service that is. It is quite fine but it will do for now and I know that he can't get his leg trapped in it like he did with the bigger one. I can always use the longer, more robust one for puppy school.

Rodders and I headed up the rugby field reasonably early as rain is forecast for later. As usual he walked nicely up there and sat while I swapped leads. He was very happy running around sniffing and wanted to play with a greyhound that completely ignored his pleas! Unfortunately it would now seem that he has a bit of a squitty botty so I need to keep an eye on that.

I spoke to OH about it and I am not going to up the ratio of kibble to id diet for now to see if it settles down. It may just be that the kibble is a bit rich for his delicate tummy right now.

Once we were back from the field we went out in to the garden and had a play with his new ball launcher. He seems to like chasing his ball and picking it up but he isn't very good at giving it back so we need to work on that. Once he got the ball he was happy to run about with it in his mouth and it was even more fun if I was chasing him! This could be a better idea for play at lunchtime rather than me trying to find the time to walk him in my 45 minute break.

Once I had worn him out a bit I needed to put him in his crate and go out shopping, he wasn't very happy about it but he did go in without making a noise once I put his front paws in. Rodders is spending much more time up on the sofa with me and so I want a blanket or throw to cover it with as it is too difficult to keep him on his snuggle fleece. I headed to Dunelm as they have a sale on and I got a wine coloured fleece blanket that matches the sofa which had 30% off, a cover for the bed that I can use in the summer instead of the duvet with 50% off and a non slip bathmat for when Rodders goes in there with 15% off. I do like a bargain!

I then went to Sainsbury's to fill up with fuel before heading in to town. I had a look at the M&S and Next sales without buying anything and then wandered in to Accessorise to see if there was anything to spend my Christmas vouchers on. I found a silly hat with matching glove/mittens to keep me warm on cold windy days and another hat to match the glove/mittens I got bought for Christmas for when it isn't so windy. Both will also hide bad hair days very nicely. All with 50% off! More bargains :-) So that is half of my vouchers spent. I also picked up a small present to put away for a February birthday.

I thought I had better head home before I got too carried away. Rodders was very happy to hear me put the key in the lock and started to squeak straight away. It wasn't because he wanted out either as he wouldn't go out until after he had eaten his lunch.

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