Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Where has the day gone?

After Rodders had eaten his lunch and had been out in the garden again I told him that I was going shopping and he was going to have to stay here and go in his bed. He wasn't happy and tried to escape but I grabbed him and popped him in there. As I walked out of the door he gave one bark but no more.

I treated myself to shopping in Waitrose for once and came home with lots of reduced goodies including stuffed pork, stuffed chicken, pork & stilton sausages, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, coleslaw, potato salad, choccie biccies, baby sweetcorn, red cabbage, Mange Tout and mushrooms. I had to pay full price for some bread, apples, pate and ham though. So I shall eat well for the next few days.

When I got home Rodders started to bark as my key went in the door and didn't stop when we went in to the garden to poop scoop so I swapped coats and took him straight up to the rugby field to burn off some energy.

On the way out of Pentland we met Sue from No 1 and Rodders barked at her and pretended to be fierce until she tried to come near him when he ran behind me. She nipped back inside to get Sophie as she had brought Rodders a Christmas present. Rodders barked at Sophie too until I picked him up and stopped him. Sue and Sophie were then able to give him a fuss. We said thank you for his present and carried on our way. Rodders walked nicely to the field where I swapped leads and then let him run and run. He was having a great time and kindly stopped to poo near one of the bins. Than we had a bit of a surprise as a trial bike rode on to the field at one side, went halfway up, and then off towards the road on the other side. Rodders wasn't happy and stood to watch it. We got almost to the top of the field and it came back in from the road, all the way up towards the fence around the pitch and then back again. Rodders really wasn't sure what to make of this bike on his field and I was very glad that he was close to me when it was about. We carried on around the field and back to where we started. As I was swapping back to his normal lead I spotted a police car at the end of the road, I wonder if he is after the trials bike?

We got home and I put the shopping away while Rodders opened his present from No 1. When he got through the paper I stopped to have a look to see what he had got and found a special cracker. I pulled it for him and found a ball inside which he was very happy to play with.

It is getting dark already and I don't know where the day has gone.

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