Sunday, 18 December 2011

Poor puppy, not getting too much attention

Rodders was in the garden barking so I went out to see why and he was talking to Bob and Pat next door over the fence. They had been away for the night and were just getting back and tell me the roads are very slippy.

Once Rodders came in we went upstairs so that I could get washed and dressed and then we went straight out for a walk. This is the first time that Rodders has been on the rugby field in days and he loved it! As usual I swapped to the extendable lead while we were on the field as it gives him some freedom to run and play. He loves to lag behind and them come running past me but I also made sure that he would actually come back to me, rather than keep on running and I got him to wait for me to catch up with him a couple of times. He kindly pooped near the bin which was handy! We also had two short flurries of snow so it really is flipping cold!

After we left the rugby field OH rang to check how we were and I was still chatting to him when I spotted Nicky & John from across the road. They wanted to say hello to Rodders so I hung up on OH so that I could stop and chat. They have spotted Roders and I leaving home a few times and think that he is walking beautifully on the lead and they also think that he has grown a lot in the last few weeks. We parted company and Rodders and I carried on home to get in the warm.

Back inside Rodders ate some more of his chicken and rice while I made a cuppa. I then got ready for the last of the Christmas wrapping marathon. Rodders wasn't too impressed when he saw what I was doing and he has mooched about playing with his toys or in the garden on his own most of the time. He did take offence to one of the gift bags and was trying to bite it and he has tried getting rubbish out the bin. When he has done this I have stopped to play fetch for a little while to try and alleviate his boredom. The next thing he tried to chew was on of OH's presents, luckily I caught him before he did any damage.

Just as I was on the final few bits one of my friends rang to check that I was going to do my traditional visit on Christmas Eve which I am. They have invited me for lunch and know that Rodders will be coming too. It will be good to catch up and see their children, especially the youngest as she is my goddaughter!

As soon as I finished wrapping I came and sat on the sofa so that I could watch the Show Jumping from Olympia. My bestest friend and I used to go every year until she moved to America. We started off in the cheap seats for one performance and ended up taking the week off work and going to every performance with members tickets!

Rodders is very happy that I have sat down at last and he is snuggled up beside me. Must think about something to eat soon, haven't had anything yet although I did spot that Rodders has cleared his bowl.

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