Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Our second adventure

Mid afternoon Rodders and I headed out to the car to drive to Southamptin to spend the night with OH. I put Rodders new bed pad in the car crate and he seemed to love it, not a peep out of him in the car. After the problem we had the other night I also took his old bed too, hopefully we won't need it!

When we got to Southampton I let him have a run around the garden and a piddle before we made our way to reception. Luckily they know us very well at The Concorde Club and it didn't matter that OH wasn't there yet, we were let straight in to our room.

I popped straight out the back door to bring in Rodders old bed and his bag with treats, food, bowls, toys & snuggle fleece in so that I could get him settled fairly quickly. We were in a different room this time, closer to the doors and although Rodders was quite good he did bark whenever someone came through them, I was really worried that this would be a problem overnight.

Rodders had his supper and ate most of it.

I gave Rodders another good run around the garden on his extendable lead which he loves and he pooped so I cleaned that up. He also tried to chase the rabbits! Once we came back in he was happy to settle on snuggle fleece while I sat on the floor beside him with a cuppa. We stayed there until OH rang to say he was five minutes away.

I slipped on Rodders lead and we walked out the back and round to the car park. Rodders sat nicely while we waited and once he heard OH he was off to find him, he was so excited to see him and danced his way back inside.

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