Friday, 16 December 2011

I don't feel well now :-(

All afternoon I had been feeling rough and I had already taken a migralieve but I was still feeling awful.

As soon as my friend left Rodders was happy playing and I needed to get myself on to the sofa for a sleep. As I lay down I called him to me and he came up on the sofa and gave me a wash. Once he realised that I wasn't up to playing he climbed over my legs and settled down between my thighs, knees and calves.

The little star that he is Rodders stayed there and didn't move even when the phone went for OH to say he was on his way and he didn't make a sound until OH arrived. Then he was desperate to get off the sofa and get to him so I lifted him down on to the floor. He was soon jumping up OH wanting a fuss and a snuggle.

Once I got up and started moving around I felt much better. Rodders seemed to be too, he was playing with OH and he asked for more to eat. He didn't eat too much of the chicken and rice but he did drink quite a lot so I topped his bowl up with more rehydrating salts.

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