Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday night/Tuesday morning

Rodders was so dopey late evening that I managed to comb him and sort out his gunky eyes with very little trouble. He looked so smart by the time I had finished.

We had a bit of a problem with the timers on the Christmas lights as they hadn't gone off by the time we thought they should have but OH sorted them for me. I do love having a man about the house, especially this one!

By the time we got to bed time last night the wind had got up and it was throwing it down with rain so I needed shoes and a coat to take Rodders out. He was very good and walked out by himself, piddled quickly and we came back in.

I locked up, switched out lights and got his treats ready. OH and I said goodnight to him as he climbed in to the crate. He did have a bit of a whinge as we were moving about upstairs but settled fairly quickly.

OH and I were talking in bed. He thinks that I sometimes expect too much of Rodders and need to remember that he is a 4 month old puppy. That's me told then!

He heard OH's alarm go off this morning and was making a bit of noise as if to say "come on, don't forget I am here".

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