Friday, 16 December 2011

I have another job!

In the middle of worrying about Rodders I also had to focus on me.

I already have one temp job that I am supposed to be starting on Monday and I was interviewed yesterday for another one that also starts on Monday so I need to know quickly if I am to let anyone down. I had hoped to hear very early this morning and when I hadn't heard anything by 9.15am I called the agency. They had already dropped them an email and were going to call them by 10am if there hadn't been an answer.

At 10.20am the first agency called to ask why I hadn't returned the paperwork so I had to explain my position. They understood that I would have to go with the better paid and longer term contract if I got it and asked me to let them know as quickly as I could.

As I put the phone down on them it went again and it was the second agency. The job is mine if I want it but they can't get me the hourly rate I wanted. I had to agree to drop by £1 an hour so not the end of the world.

I rang OH to let him know and sent a text to my sisters & nieces. Everyone seems very happy for me :-)

I also had to ring agency one to let them know that to was good news for me and bad news for them. I also asked them to pass on my apologies to the 1st company, I really hate letting people down especially this late on.

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