Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wow, what a good night and morning.

Rodders was fast asleep in his crate at midnight when I decided it was time to go to bed so I had to wake him up to go out for a piddle. He went all stiff legged on me and so I carried him out in to the garden and put him on the grass. He sat there for a second, had a stretch and then wandered off for a piddle. He then came straight back in and went to his bed and sat there while I locked up, switched out lights and got his treats ready. I shut him in the crate and went upstairs.

I slept through until 8am and there wasn't a sound from Rodders as I got up, used the bathroom and came downstairs. He was a very sleepy boy as I opened the crate and after a fuss went and lay down on the snuggle fleece by the radiator. Gradually he woke up and after I had made a cuppa asked to go in to the garden. He was out there for ages and had a piddle and a poop before going off to play.

By the time he had come in I had almost sorted out his chicken and rice but I had put it in the microwave to warm it a little and it was now too hot. I threw down a small handful of kibble and he wolfed that down. When I put the chicken and rice down he didn't seem interested to start with until I put a bowl of kibble beside it - he picked the chicken and rice!

After eating some of his breakfast he wanted to play with his toys for a while until I went upstairs to get washed and dressed. He came too and was happy to play in the bathroom and then sit on the bed.

Once we were back downstairs I popped his lead on and grabbed my coat so that we could walk up to the post box at the shops with the first batch of Christmas cards. It had started to rain a little but that didn't deter us. He was walking really nicely on the lead until we spotted another dog and he wanted to say hello. It was  a two year old poodle/bichon cross who seemed very friendly. They had a good sniff at each other and a little play before we parted company.

He was sitting and waiting as we stopped to cross roads and the only thing that seemed to spook him was a lady at the bus stop with an umbrella.

Back home he needed drying off with his towel as he was soaking and he then wanted to play so we got his ball out and played fetch for a while. He then wanted to attack the Christmas Tree but did stop with a very firm no. He has had this mornings tablet in a little lump of cheese and has eaten more chicken and rice.

I made another cuppa and came to sit down and he wanted up on my lap. Once he settled and fell asleep I moved him and snuggle fleece on to his bed pad at my feet. He seemed a little shivery so I have wrapped snuggle fleece around him.

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