Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Sorry for being missing in action

Yesterday was quite a day and it started early.

OH got up with Rodders and woke me almost straight away to say that he had been sick in his bed. I came down as he was trying to clear it up but it was obvious that the bed pad was going to have to go in the washing machine as it was covered in undigested rice, he had also wet it. Rodders seemed OK, if a little sorry for himself, he still wanted to play and spend time in the garden. I took him for a quick walk up the rugby field and he was happy enough running about.

He was also hungry so, rather than chicken and rice which he A) didn't seem to be enjoying or B) fully digesting I gave him the smallest handful of kibble I could. He wolfed it down.  He also wanted a carrot top while I was peeling vegetables ready to go in the slow cooker later.

When OH went off to work he wanted to go out to the gate as usual and came back when I called him.

I spoke to OH in the car after I had got ready for work and he reassured me that Rodders would be fine. I was concerned about him not having any water so while I was chatting I was googling for a water bowl that we can fit to the crate. I found one on Amazon and ordered it straight away, it should be here in a couple of days.

I was worried about leaving him to go to work but he seemed happy enough to go in to his crate with the other bed pad and some treats. I couldn't wait to get home at lunchtime and he was quiet when I walked in the door until he spotted me when he started squeaking. He had been sick again and had tried not to do it on his bed so it was mainly on the floor outside the crate. I took him in to the garden for a piddle and so I could check his poo from this morning - loose but not too runny. When we came back in I cleaned up the sick and turned the bed pad over as the first one wasn't yet dry and rang OH to let him know. He suggested I called the vets for advice.

I chatted to the vets and they brought his check up forward from tomorrow to tonight which would mean leaving work earlier, not the best thing during my first week but it can't be helped. The vet also suggested that I gave him a very small meal as they don't recommend starving puppies, and to make sure he still had water available.

I came off the phone and made him up a small amount of chicken and rice. The little monkey ate the chicken and left most of the rice. I managed to squeeze his water bowl in to the crate and Rodders drank from it straight away. He still wanted to play and have a fuss.

I also managed to put tonights dinner in the slow cooker but had to forego lunch as I just didn't have time, good job I had a bag of crisps earlier!

I had to leave him and go back to work and, the little star that he is, he went back in to his crate without any problems.

After finishing work at 4.30 I came straight home to find that he had been a little sick again and had managed to get most of it outside his crate. After clearing up and letting him in to the garden for a piddle I threw the bed pad in the washing machine and we went off to the vets. Luckily the bed pad washed earlier was dry so could go in to the car crate.

Rodders was his usual self in the vets and wanted to talk to everyone that was there. When I made him sit and wait he just barked his please let me play bark! After about 5 minutes we got called in to see the vet and he was very thorough and asked lots of questions as he was examining Rodders. He also weighed him and he is now 4.9k, so he has put on weight in the last week. He told me that his tummy was very noisy, so obviously upset about something. Again Rodders had to have the anti sickness injection and we have come away with more in tablet form for the next 4 days, more antibiotics and some special dog food. He isn't allowed anything else, no treats, no carrots, just this and water and he needs to be checked over again on Friday, earlier if I am worried. I am also to wait at least an hour before giving him anything to make sure the anti sickness injection works. We sat in the waiting room while they got the medicine and food ready and then paid the bill. Rodders was playing with one of the members of staff that he knows from puppy party, trying to attack her feet under the desk!

I rang OH, who was on his way home, as soon as we got out the vets to let him know how we got on. We are both so worried about the little fella.

Once home we put the 2nd bed pad on the bathroom radiator to dry and sat and had a snuggle until OH was home. After giving Rodders a fuss we needed to go shopping so that OH could get Rodders some Christmas presents. We had a great time in Pets at Home, Rodders loves it in there and OH hasn't brought him any presents before so he went a little nuts! This really is one spoilt puppy!

We also stopped at the little Tesco to grab some bits for dinner. I left Rodders and OH in the car and came out to find them in the Car Park. OH needed to use the hole in the wall so we walked him around a little before putting him back in the crate.

As Rodders has been poorly on both bed pads he was allowed his new bed early. OH took the labels off and put it in the crate. It is a very posh bed pad with a fleece topper that attaches with press studs and OH also bought a spare topper. It is exactly the right size for the crate and Rodders seems to like it.

I gave Rodders his antibiotic and measured out the special food. he is to have 50 grammes, 4 times a day. It looks such a little amount in his bowl. He was obviously hungry as it disappeared in seconds.

Oh went upstairs to do his Christmas wrapping as I finished off dinner. Rodders was running between us and seemed to be helping OH with his wrapping from the comments I could hear! I shouted for him to come down as I put dinner on the table. Rodders pottered about as we ate. Once we were finished OH went back up to finish wrapping and I cleared the table.

When we were all done OH played with Rodders for a while before I gave him his 2nd feed and then we settled down to watch some TV before bed.

Rodders had been in and out the garden all evening and went out again with me before bed. It was hard putting him in his crate without any treats but he didn't complain. He is such a good puppy.

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