Sunday, 18 December 2011

We now have a little horror!

Rodders was having a quiet snooze on the sofa with me and then we got two interruptions. The first one was a christmas card being delivered and Sophie knocked incase Roders ate post, the second was Kevin and Polo coming to visit us.

Polo and Rodders have met before and they seemed to get on OK again today. Except someone piddled on the floor, not sure who :-( It was quite a big puddle and I am not convinced it was Rodders. I made Kev and I a cuppa and we sat nattering while Rodders chased Polo about and asking him to play. When Polo got fed up with being batted with a paw and teased by him I put his Rodders lead on and tried to make him sit. He threw a complete tantrum and was trying to bite me so he got severely checked. I then managed to get him to lie down and stood on the lead so he couldn't get up. He lay at my feet making play with me noises but at least he stayed down.

Once they left Rodders had the devil in him. He was running around getting in to mischief as I was trying to tidy up all the wrapping paper stuff and then I found him sitting in his toy box. At least that was keeping him quiet! He then decided to throw all his toys out of the toy box and the conservatory floor was covered, this is one spoilt puppy! I hope he doesn't get too many more for Christmas or we will be looking for a new, bigger, toy box.

As I cooked dinner he was under my feet in the kitchen waiting to see if anything dropped. He then asked for his dinner, the first time in ages, so he must be feeling better. He has eaten most of it too.

There are now fireworks going off and so he is barking at them. I think I have just managed to distract him as he has gone back to his toys.

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