Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A friend comes to see us

I got up and came downstairs as OH went up for a shower. While he was in the bathroom we both heard a strange noise and shot to the stairs. Rodders has taken to standing at the top and throwing one of his toys down, he then runs down to collect it and starts again! He does the same with slippers too but they don't make quite the same noise.

Once OH was showered and dressed he was ready to go off to work. Rodders went out to the gate with him but came running back when I called him.

He was happy to lie on his bed pad for a snooze while I was on the computer and he came upstairs with me when I went to get washed and dressed.

My bestest friend is here from America and we were expecting a visit. As she pulled up outside the postie was there too and Rodders was barking hello. I put him down as I went to the door and he decided to be shy and backed away as she came in. She was excited to see him as she had brought him a present - an amazing present! A whole turkey dinner on a plate but all soft toys and buggy type things! We took the plastic dome covering off it and left it on the floor. One by one he came and took each item: A turkey, a baked potato, a sweetcorn, some bread and some greens. He absolutely loves it!

She and I sat about gossiping and drinking tea for a while but, although he was happy to take gifts from her, Rodders was  keeping his distance. She needed to do a bit of shopping so Rodders got put in his crate for a while so that we could go out.

Once back he was a little better with her and she managed to give him some treats while I cooked lunch. As we ate Rodders sat on snuggle fleece at my feet until he asked to go out in to the garden. While he was out there a hail storm started and he came running back in. Once it was over he asked to go back out and had a great time eating the build up of ice on the door step. I also spotted that he has been digging in the stones to the left of the door so he now realises that the stones go round three sides of the patio!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to her. Just before she left Rodders did approach her and allowed her to fuss him. I am so pleased, this is one person we don't get to see very often but she is a very special friend and it is important that Rodders likes her too!

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