Thursday, 8 December 2011

Back home

On the way home I had a chat with OH as he was still on the way home. He had called in at mine earlier for a cuppa and a yoghurt (pot put down for Rodders) and had carried my bag upstairs for me.

We couldn't get parked anywhere last night so we ended up out the back at the garages against the back fence. I let Rodders off his lead as soon as we were through the gate and he had a piddle and then ran in the back door, up the stairs to check if anyone was here and then back down again to collapse on snuggle fleece.

I had to nip out to the car to bring in his bed pad and I left him inside. He did get up and amble to the back door but didn't make a sound.

He was very happy to have his bed pad and settled down straight away. He didn't move from there until bed time! We definitely have a cream crackered puppy tonight.

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