Friday, 23 December 2011

A Christmas Evening with OH

On the way home from work I stopped at the little Tesco so that I could make OH one of his favourite dinners so I was a little later home than normal. OH rang as I pulled up outside the house so we had a very quick chat before I came in to see how my beautiful boy was.

Rodders was very pleased to see me, and barking as I came in the door, but desperate to go out for a piddle. He then came back in for a fuss, a play and his tea.

OH called again, he is having a great journey home so far so I started chopping things for dinner. Usually when I am chopping Rodders gets a carrot top or something but as he is on his special diet I couldn't do this. He just sat beside me barking and no amount of being told no was cutting it.

He was so busy barking he didn't even hear OH arriving home until he was actually in the back door! They had a snuggle and then went upstairs for OH to get changed. Good job as I had just had a calgon tablet crumble all over the kitchen floor and I needed to clear up before Rodders was allowed back in there!

When they came down they both went straight out in to the garden and I couldn't see what they were doing but they were up to something!

Once they were back in today's dinner of Fajita's was out on the table, OH already knew what he was getting as I had forgotten the wraps and had to send him to Tesco for them on his way home so the surprise was spoilt.

Once we had dinner we swapped Christmas cards. I got a special one from Rodders to a No1 Mum, signed with a muddy paw print, and a lovely one from OH. He always finds cards with lovely words and always manages to bring a tear to my eye, this year was no exception.

As we don't spend Christmas together we always swap presents before Christmas and tonight was the night. I was a very spoilt girl as I got Red Hunter Wellies, a grooming table for Rodders and I to use and a cool pad for my bed. Rodders also bought me a yummy box of chocolates :-) All things that I need and I am one happy girl, well maybe chocolates aren't needed but they were very much appreciated! Rodders wasn't left out and he opened a new fleece and some special dog bubbles which he and OH played with straight away, Rodders seemed to like them! He also has some more presents to open on Christmas day.

Once all the presents had been unwrapped OH set up the grooming table in the passage for me while I sorted out the wrapping paper and cleared up the rubbish.

Rodders then got put up on the grooming table so that  could comb him through before giving him his first bath  at home as we want him clean and lovely for Santa. I also trimmed his bottom to make him a bit more hygienic. It is important that he has all tangles removed before he is wet as this makes them impossible to remove.

OH and I took him up to the bathroom and I made sure that we had everything we needed to hand before getting the temperature right on the shower head. OH tried to take off Rodders choke chain but it would appear it is now too small to come over his head so we had a bit of a panic, worst case scenario we would have to ask the vets to cut it off in the morning.

We put Rodders in the bath and I soaked all his body before shampooing him and rinsing him off. I then moved on to his head and he really didn't like this bit and was trying to escape from the bath. OH was doing a sterling job of keeping him in there and calm. He also managed to get the choke chain off, yippee!

Once all the soap was out OH picked Rodders up in a towel and brought him downstairs to dry him off a bit whilst playing. I followed them down with the hair drier and Rodders got put back on the grooming table to get him dry and make sure he looks smart. He wasn't so sure about this bit and OH had to keep hold of him while I dried. We then swapped over and OH was using the slicker to fluff up Rodders legs as we dried. He really does dry quite quickly. The last bit was to try and cut the hair between his pads. I managed to get his front feet done but he was a bit fed up by the time I got to his back feet so we gave up for the night, it is not worth upsetting him if we don't have to and they can wait for another day.

We found Rodders puppy collar and OH extended it so I can use that until I get to training school to buy a bigger chile chain.

After a busy evening it was time to sit down, relax and watch a bit of TV before bed. Rodders came up on the sofa with me until I got too warm and moved him to the bed pad.

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