Friday, 9 December 2011

A good night

At 10.30pm I took Rodders out in to the garden for a final piddle which he did after a short sit on the grass and a look about! It was flipping freezing and still very windy.

When Rodders came in he tried to go back to the bed pad by the sofa but OH encouraged him in to his crate and he settled on his bed pad as I gave him his treats.

We locked up, switched out lights and said goodnight. Once we were upstairs Rodders whimpered a couple of times, probably because we were talking and the lights were still on. This is brilliant as it is the first night he has slept on his new bed pad in the crate.

OH had an early start so he came down stairs just after 5am and woke Rodders up. Rodders was desperate to get out the lounge and upstairs to me but OH made him stay in the lounge. They usually have a snuggle on the pappasan chair in the conservatory after Rodders has been out for a piddle but OH was sitting at the dining table this morning. Rodders went and sat by the pappasan chair and made it clear that he wasn't happy! Rodders did also go out in the garden for a poo.

OH says that it won't be long before Rodders is able to jump on to the sofa and he can already reach some of the things I leave on there, like the TV gismo.

When OH was ready to get showered and dressed he let Rodders upstairs and he was soon jumping up at the side of the bed to say hello before disappearing off with one of my shoes, he doesn't seem to chew them and just carries them downstairs.

Rodders also tried to get something out of the laundry but OH stopped him and he never tries again if OH tells him off. If only I had that effect!

We all came downstairs as OH was ready to go and Rodders wanted to go out with him, but came back from the gate like a rocket when I called him. He was then happy to settle down on his bed pad and has been there almost ever since, even when I have been up to the bathroom or outside to put the bin out.

He has had a short play with a yoghurt pot but hasn't shown any interest in other toys or his breakfast and it is almost time for me to get washed and dressed so we can go to puppy school.

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