Monday, 19 December 2011

Sunday night/Monday morning

Rodders played throughout most of the evening which is unusual but did settle on his bed pad eventually. At one point he asked to go out in to the garden three times in less than half an hour!

At bed time he didn't want to go out and tried to go straight in to his bed so I carried him out and put him on the grass. After a stretch he did go and have a piddle before almost running back in to go to his bed and wait for his treats while I locked up and switched out lights.

There wasn't a peep out of him until 5am this morning when he could hear the ADT van. It is a really frosty morning and it would seem that the guy had just left it running to defrost and Rodders wasn't happy with that so was barking. He was still a tired puppy and he didn't want to go in the garden so he and I settled on the sofa for another hour.

He heard another vehicle running and started to bark again but I was able to quieten him down by saying shh.

Once I got off the sofa he was happy to potter about playing and he asked to go in to the garden at about 6.15. I made a cuppa and sorted out his breakfast while he was outside.

The plan for this morning is to have my cuppa,  throw on my dog walking gear and take him up the rugby field before coming home for a shower. This is going to be my first morning at work, wonder how Rodders will react!

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