Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day

Rodders woke up at 6.15am and we went straight in to the garden so he could have a piddle and then he had breakfast. We played with his ball for a while and then he settled on snuggle fleece and had a doze until everyone else got up.

We sneaked in to the lounge to check if Santa had been and there were lots of presents under the tree, I hope some of them are for us!

Once Ailie was up and dressed I left Rodders with her while I went to get myself washed and dressed in my new dress, special for Christmas Day.

As everyone started breakfast Rodders and I went in to the garden for a run around. As they were almost finished Rodders and I joined them as the bubbly was being served. It was then the to get everyone in to the lounge and hand out the Christmas presents. As family tradition dictates, we then each open a present in turn until they are all open. This takes hours as we have to stop for comfort breaks, drinks refresh and to let Rodders out for a piddle.  Eventually all presents were open and we had all been very spoilt.

Rodders opened a couple of his own presents, paying more attention to the wrapping paper than the actual present, but had to have them taken off him as they are treats and he isn't allowed them at the moment, but he did get a couple of things that he is allowed - a duck from OH that he isn't sure of and he got a ball and thrower to play in the garden or park with.

Rodders and I had a nap, curled up on the sofa together, until it was time for his lunch and then we went out for a walk so that he could have a run around and use up some of his excess energy. This was a big fail, once we came back he just wanted to run around and play so we have been in and out of the garden for long periods of time so that he can play with sticks and chase about.

He still wouldn't settle and wanted to be in the kitchen to see wheat was going on in the hope that something scrummy would be dropped. When I tried to keep him in the lounge he barked and barked at the door to be let out.

Eventually, just after 5pm I have in and gave him his tea. It would appear that he is starving as, once that was eaten, he was happy to settle on snuggle fleece and go to sleep.

I am a little sad that he won't get to eat any christmas dinner but it is better that his tummy is OK. He has now finished the anti sickness and antibiotic tablets so fingers are firmly crossed that he is OK over the next day or so.

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