Friday, 16 December 2011

Did I bring a different puppy home?

Since we got back from the vets Rodders has been playing much more than he has done since Wednesday. He has been chasing his toys and playing fetch, trying to eat the Christmas Tree, jumping on me, chewing the door mat, he has been in and out of the garden and came back soaked one time and covered in mud another and generally up to mischief! It is like I brought a different puppy home and so much nicer than the sad one of the last few days.

OH has called to check how he is doing and then again to say he is on his way home from work. We won't see him until Monday now :-(

I have checked the freezer and we have two more bags of cooked chicken so I have taken another one out to defrost ready for tomorrow, which means that I only need to cook up some more rice for him.

As I am typing Rodders has settled down on a snuggle fleece for a rest.

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