Wednesday, 7 December 2011


On the way back to our room we came back through reception. Sue, the hotel manager, was on duty and came out for a play with Rodders and gave him one of the special treats she saves for the good dogs that visit. We were all stood around talking and Rodders started to squeak so I went out to give him a run around the garden so that he could have a piddle. He heard someone coming round from the Car Park and started barking, it was only Sue coming to say goodnight and we walked back in together to collect OH from reception.

He and Rodders had a snuggle on the floor to quieten then both down for the night! I then took Rodders out again just in case he needed a final piddle but he didn't. We then popped him in his crate in the bathroom for the night.

Almost immediately Rodders started to whinge and I thought that we would be on our way home fairly quickly. OH got up to him and lay with him for a little while to settle him. No sooner had OH got back in to bed than two loud guest were outside our room talking loudly and Rodders started up again. OH went back and managed to settle him again.

And then there wasn't a peep until 6.30am. Just amazing!

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