Monday, 19 December 2011

Have I mentioned?

Rodders seems to love his toy box, he even out his own toys away! He also loves to sit, lie or stand in it while selecting his next toy!

He is also a little star when it comes to tablets. He eats them straight out of my hand like treats, so much easier than trying to force him to swallow them after I have thrown them down the back of his throat! As he is so good he gets a cube of cheese to follow.

He has always loved our slippers, doesn't matter if they are mine or OH's, he is quite happy to walk around with one in his mouth and will confidently come down stairs with it (and up occasionally!). Tonight OH called me to come quick, and there was Rodders half way down the stairs with both of OH's slippers in his mouth at the same time. By the time I had grabbed the camera he had made it to the conservatory with them.

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