Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shopping, wrapping, playing

While Rodders was being dopey I took the opportunity to go and finish my Christmas shopping and to post a parcel. He was happy to go in his crate once he knew that treats were on offer and he was quiet when I left.

He was on his own for over two hours and was still quiet when I got back, he didn't make a noise until he could actually see me as I came in and put the shopping down first. He then started squeaking and I let him out of his crate for a fuss and we went straight in to the garden so he could have a piddle.

We both had some lunch and then he started to play as I was wrapping presents. Every now and again I would stop and give him a fuss or throw one of his toys for him to fetch and he seemed quite happy with that. When I had a break earlier he was sat on my lap and the show jumping from Olympia was on the TV. Rodders was so funny, he was making a funny barking noise as he watched them like he wanted to play! He then turned around to face me and was climbing up me, I have no idea where he was trying to go or what he wanted to do but it was very sweet. When I went back to wrapping he was happy playing in the conservatory or out in the garden.

After wrapping another three people's presents I stopped for a while to watch a bit of TV and Rodders fell asleep on my lap before being transferred to his bed pad at my feet.

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