Thursday, 15 December 2011

Puppy Party 4

OH managed to leave work early today so that he could be home in time for the final puppy party. Rodders was asleep when he came in the back door but got straight up and was barking until he saw who it was. The barks then turned to squeaks of delight and he rushed to the door to greet him and have a fuss and a snuggle.

OH then went straight out the front to sort out the Christmas Lights that have fallen and then in to the loft to get the spare stair gate before we both got changed ready for puppy party. I also managed to eat a slice of toast as I hadn't had anything all day.

We slipped on Rodders lead and went out to the car & OH popped him in the crate. He whinged for a minute or two but settled down quite quickly. A few minutes later and we were at the vets. Rodders seemed happy to walk in there and was greeted by Marley as soon as we were in the door. He didn't even seem to mind when Marley had his nose underneath him sniffing his bits!

Once we managed to get beyond the door he found Appa and said hello but he was quite happy once we sat down to be with OH. Molly joined us soon after and gave everyone her usual exuberant greeting, she is one powerful puppy.

Nicci started to hand out liver treats and threw out the toys. Appa managed to get to the dental kong first and was doing really well at getting the liver treat out of it before Marley was let loose and took it off him.

The noise level once the puppy's were let off tonight was quite high, mainly Rodders barking! He was desperate to play but he knew that Molly and Marley were a bit rough and Appa just tends to trundle around doing his own thing. A few times Rodders did get himself in there and found his way out and back to OH when things got a bit rough for him. He would sit there for a little while and then go back in to the fray. OH seemed to be a hit with Molly who came to have a fuss and chew at his beard and ears a couple of times.

We had to gather up the puppies a couple of times to stop them going in to pools of piddle (Thanks Molly and Marley!) and again once Marley pooped everywhere - he was still playing when he did it and so it ended up all over him as well. It was quite a clean up operation for the vet nurses and his owner.

We all got shown around the surgery and got to see all the different rooms and equipment they have. Poor Appa was sick so yet another clean up operation.

We also had to fill out a questionnaire to say what we thought of the puppy parties, mine was all positive as I think it has been a great experience for Rodders and I. Then it was time for final goodbyes, but it may not be the last time we meet as Nicci may organise a puppy walk in the new year for all of this years puppy graduates, that would be fun to see how they have all grown and progressed.

On the way home OH and I chatted about the other puppies and the vet practice, he seems quite impressed with them which is good. We also stopped to pick up a takeaway, I don't think Rodders was too impressed at being left in the car though!

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