Friday, 23 December 2011

Back to the vets

OH was up with Rodders at 6am and I came down at 6.30am. Rodders hadn't had his breakfast yet so I sorted that out and then made OH some toast.

Rodders went upstairs with OH when he went for a shower and then came down with the bath mat to go in the washing machine, well he got it to the bottom of the stairs but needed help to get it any further. This is the third load of washing in 12 hours as we have done his towels and fleeces so they are clean for going away.

Once OH was ready for work we had a cuddle and said goodbye, for once Rodders seemed to be jealous and was barking at us. OH gave him a fuss too. Rodders went out to the gate with OH and came back to the patio when I called him. The little monkey then thought better of it and was heading back to the gate, luckily OH spotted him and shut the gate very quickly.

Rodders and I had a snuggle before we went upstairs so that I could get washed and dressed as we needed to head off to the vet for Rodders check up.

I am so lucky that Rodders likes going to the vets and he trots in there quite happily, barking as he goes so that everyone knows that he is there. He was very happy to see that Nicci was there but not so happy that she didn't give him any liver treats. We sat in the waiting room for a little while and then Roger called us in.

We talked through how Rodders has been over the last few days and the fact that he seems to be starving. Roger admitted that we have given him the absolute minimum to eat so he wasn't surprised by this. We weighed Rodders and he is back to 4.6k so he has lost weight over the last few days and is back where he was when we weighed him last week. Roger checked him over and seems happy with him but, because it is Christmas and we are going away, he wants to keep him on the i.d. diet until next Wednesday before re-introducing kibble slowly (75/25% on Wednesday, 50/50 Thursday and 25/75 on Friday) but if there are any signs that it is upsetting him we need to go straight back to the i.d. diet. We can also increase him to 75g per meal. And no treats at all for at least 2 weeks but, once he is back on kibble, I can use some of this to use as treats. I also need to call on Thursday to let them know how he is doing.

I mentioned his choke chain and Roger says that he would have been able to cut it off if necessary but he is obviously a growing boy and we need to get a bigger one. It iOS difficult to say how much bigger his head will get.

We left the consulting room and Rodders got lots of fuss from the girls while I was paying the bill and collecting his food. I also picked up a different slicker brush that looks like it will be gentler on him. Once we were back in the car we called OH to let him know how we got on.

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