Monday, 26 December 2011

The peace didn't last long

Rodders slept for less than an hour and then wanted in to the garden. He did have a quick piddle but he was more interested in running about playing. I eventually got him to come in but less than half an hour later he wanted out again for some more running about.

Back in again I tried to occupy him with his toys but he just kept barking intermittently. Then we moved through to the Dining Room for Dinner. Although he settled on his bed pad to start with he was soon barking again and, as soon as I had eaten, I excused myself and took him in to the garden. He was desperate for a piddle. We came back in and he still wouldn't settle until he had been given his supper. Although he is happier of 75g four times a day he seems to need the last meal earlier than I want to feed him. I would rather wait until 9pm so that he is only going 9 hours between feeds but he seems to want ti between 7.30 and 8.30pm, and the earlier the better.

Rodders then crashed out on his bed pad, only getting up to bark when my nieces boyfriend arrived. We then all moved through to the lounge so that he could open his presents. Rodders was showing some interest in the presents so I let him have one of his to open, he got most of the paper off one end before getting bored and leaving it.

We moved back in to the Dining Room to play games and Rodders stayed on his bed pad for the rest of the evening, only stirring when we started to clear away for the night.

I took Rodders in to the garden for a final piddle and we waited for everyone to finish tidying and start heading to bed before popping him in his crate for the night. Except he wouldn't settle as there were a lot of people wandering between the bedrooms and bathroom making a noise and so he started barking. I came down and managed to quieten him down after a few minutes. I had only just got in to bed when I heard another loud bark and I shot to the top of the stairs to meet Nick coming up them, he had been in to the kitchen for a glass. I stood there for a moments to see if Rodders was going to settle and there was no more noise so I went off to bed again.

I hadn't remembered to switch off my alarm and it went off at 6.30am. I thought I had got away with it but 10 minutes later Rodders was barking so I got up with him.

We went straight in to the garden and he had a piddle and a run about. Back inside Rodders had his breakfast and I made a cuppa and we played a bit of fetch before he wanted out in the garden again. He was then happy to have a bit of a snooze on his snuggle fleece until people started to get up for the day.

We had a another trip in to the garden and he just wanted to run about and play, I think he is missing the freedom of his own garden. I left him downstairs with everyone else while I got washed and dressed.

After I had eaten my breakfast I took Rodders out for a walk to see the local hunt off. He wasn't phased by the horses and seemed quite happy when the hounds were sniffing around him. There were lots of other dogs and puppy's up there for him to meet and seemed to have a great time. The only time Rodders was a bit concerned was when the hunt actually set off and the horses were trotting past us from both directions.

By the time we ambled back all of my nieces had gone out and the house was a bit quieter. It was easy to get Rodders to settle on his bed pad for a snooze. There have been so many people about for the last few days, and so much activity, he just seems to be exhausted.

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