Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Such a good puppy

We had dinner and gave Rodders a treat for his supper. Mixed in with his kibble was some mashed vegetables. He absolutely loved it and licked the bowl so clean that I gave him a little more, that got wolfed down as well! He liked it so much I have kept some more for tomorrow and have out another portion in the freezer for another day.

A little later he was belching so much that I thought he was going to be sick, luckily it was only wind!

He has been over to the tree and has had a sniff at some lower decorations (these are all made of material and were kept especially for the lower branches just in case) but he came away when he was told to.

He really hasn't had a lot of rest today as he does like to be as close to you as possible and I am sure that he will be no bother tonight.

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