Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Another adventure

Rodders and I were off to Southampton again to meet up with OH. He really isn't bothered by me packing and just potters around upstairs following me.

I am lucky that he always seems to ask to go out in to the garden about the time I need to pack the car so I get to do that fairly easily. Once we got in the car to leave Rodders had a bit of a whinge but settled down after about five minutes. Once I got to Southampton I had to go to get fuel and he wasn't happy being left in the car and gave the odd bark until I got back in.

We got to the hotel and I took Rodders straight out to the back garden for a piddle before we went in. We were greeted by the Manager, it was a bit busy as she was seeing other guests in so we didn't hang about for long. I took Rodders through to our room and then back in to the garden for a run about as he was barking a bit. Once back inside we played fetch with his crisp packet and he then settled down until OH was on his way.

We went out to meet OH but Rodders was barking at other guests  when I tried to get him to sit and wait so we were walking about. As OH came over the bridge he stopped, wound the window down and shouted at Rodders before going off to park at the other end of the car park. In his desperation to get to OH Rodders nearly dragged me across the car park! I think we can safely say that he loves OH as much as he loves me!

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