Monday, 19 December 2011

Rodders loves OH

When OH got home tonight Rodders had just settled down after running around like a lunatic since I got home from work.

As soon as he heard the back door go he went flying towards it barking, this soon changed to squeaks of delight and he was desperate to get up for a snuggle. OH had been in the car a while and needed the bathroom but Rodders wasn't having any of it, he was getting his snuggle first whatever!

Snuggle and bathroom visit over OH needed to go back out to empty the car but Rodders wanted up again and was snuggled in to OH's chest. After a few minutes I took Rodders from him so that he could get back outside. Rodders stayed in my arms for a whole two minutes and then started to wriggle and made it clear he wanted down. He then ran straight to the back door and wanted to go out and find OH but I couldn't let him until the gate shut. Rodders kept making a strange strangulated bark and was getting more agitated as I said wait. As soon as the gate was shut I let him out and he ran to OH and then danced his way around OH's feet back to the door.

He and OH then went upstairs so that OH could get changed and, if you saw the earlier post, you will see that Rodders brought both of his slippers down at the same time.

While all this was going on I was trying to make dinner, shame I forgot the garlic bread was in the oven as the rest of dinner was fine! Rodders also got a little more chicken and rice as he had wolfed down the last lot.

After dinner OH made a cuppa as I cleared up and then it was time for some boy time. They played fetch for a while and then OH lay down on the floor so Rodders could jump all over him - they seem to love doing this. Eventually Rodders climbed on top of him for a rest.

I think that the feeling is mutual!

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