Thursday, 15 December 2011

Home again, with a tired puppy

I left Rodders bed pad in the car as I knew we would be going out again later. When we first got in he sat on a snuggle fleece for a doze but soon moved in to his crate on his other bed pad. He really is very tired and, when I went up for a shower, he didn't want to come with me. I left the doors open so he could change his mind if he wanted.

I came back down to check on him once I was out the shower and he came out of his crate for a fuss. He also came upstairs and sat beside me on the bed while I dried my hair and got dressed but as soon as we were back down stairs he climbed back in to the crate.

I managed to get him to come out in to the garden for a piddle before I went for my interview before putting him back in the crate with some treats. I knew he wouldn't be in there for too long as Skevi would be here soon.

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