Friday, 16 December 2011

Poorly boy

Rodders just wanted to be beside me or on me all morning and just wasn't himself. I had checked his mouth and it looked a little pale to me. I also poop scoopped the garden while he was out for a piddle to check what his poo is like. We have two huge piles that are a little looser than normal but not too bad.

At 11.20am I rang the vets for some advice and because he isn't drinking or eating and is so young they advised me to bring him down for them to check him over.

I gave OH a quick ring to let him know and we went straight down. Rodders was happy to be out on his lead and didn't whinge in the car. As soon as we got to the vets he started to bark to make sure that they knew he was there and had the liver treats ready!

We had only sat down for a few minutes when Rachel the vet called us in. She hadn't seen Rodders since his first jab and thought that he had grown in to a very handsome boy and is in good condition :-) We talked through when he had last eaten and drank, his demeanour and when he was sick and what it was like.

Rachel checked his mouth and agreed that he was a little dehydrated and showed me how to check - if his gums are sticky to the touch. Luckily it isn't so bad that they need to put him on a drip. She then checked his eyes and moved on to his tummy, he was fine to start with but as she got towards the back he really wasn't very happy and turned to look at her quite sharply with a little whimper though - no aggression at all. Rachel then popped him on the floor to weigh him and it was a bit tricky to make him stay still on the scales until I told him to sit. He weighs 4.65 kilograms so he has lost a little since Nicci weighed him at puppy party an couple of weeks ago. She also checked his heart and temperature - both normal.

Rachel decided that he is definitely a little under the weather and has a sore tummy so she decided to give him two injections, an anti sickness one that lasts for 24 hours which will stop him being and feeling sick and an antibiotic. As she left the consulting room to get them he started to bark and when she came back I explained that he is looking for Nicci and his liver treats!

Apparently they aren't very nice as one is quite thick and the other a bit stingy. I held him facing me and fussed him as she did them and he was so good, he didn't really like the thick one but didn't even flinch for the stingy one.

As he was so good Rachel rewarded him with some liver treats and there was no problem eating them! Rachel wants to see him again tomorrow and agrees that Chicken and Rice is exactly the right thing to be feeding him, she also wants him to have water with rehydrating salts in - I already have some of these as he didn't need them the last time she prescribed them.

We went back to reception and Sam from puppy school was there. She was surprised to see Rodders and gave him a fuss as we chatted about what was wrong and I explained that we would probably have to miss puppy school this week which she understood. We booked an appointment for 4.15pm tomorrow and paid our bill for today - £60. And don't tell Rodders, but we got him some liver treats to put away for Christmas!

Once back home Rodders went in to the garden for a piddle and then settled down on his bed pad for a snooze.

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