Friday, 23 December 2011

It's all go

We got back from the vets and I started to get everything ready to go away later in the day.

At 9.30am I popped Rodders back in to the car to nip to Puppy School to see Sam to explain that we can't do today's class as Rodders is poorly and, now I am working, we can't do the Friday class anymore so we will be back to the Saturday class in January. I also wanted to get Rodders a new choke chain. Sam checked and the only choke chain they had was a bit big for Rodders but we heeled around the room to make sure that he couldn't escape from it when it went slack. We had a chat about how he was doing and she can see how much more confident he is.

Back home I swapped jackets and put Rodders in his crate so that I could nip to Tesco as I needed some final bits to make dip - I would be sent home if I turned up at Christmas without it!

Rodders was a bit fed up of all the time I was spending in the kitchen making dip and he took himself off to his bed for a while. He was happier when I had finished and he came upstairs with me while I finished packing my bag. I started to bring down the bags of Christmas presents while he sat on the landing chewing my slipper.

He then wanted to go in the garden which meant that I could pack most of the car without worrying about him. Once he came in I took him for a quick walk around the neighbourhood while I delivered the last of the Christmas cards and then put him back in the lounge while I finished loading the car.

We managed to leave home just before 2pm and stopped at the pet shop at St Albans for some bits I had forgotten and then headed up the A1 towards Oakham. The weather was getting awful, what started as a cold morning had gone through drizzle and was now chucking it down with rain. At one point we were down  to 50mph as the spray was so bad. Then we found out that there was a problem on the A1 and we may need to divert off. Then the traffic news said the road was open and then, when we were almost beyond the point of no return, they changed their mind. Grrrr.

We found our way off the A1 and on to the A47 and got stuck behind someone that thought it was good to drive at between 35-45mph. By the time we got to Uppingham there was quite a daisy chain of frustrated drivers behind him. Luckily for me he turned left as I turned right. Three hours after setting off we eventually got to my big sisters!

While in the car I managed to talk to both my sisters and OH. Rodders wasn't bothered by that or the fact that he had been in the car for ages and he didn't make a sound all the way.

After we had said hello to my brother in law and Ailie I took Rodders in to the garden for a piddle while they emptied my car. Ailie had great fun putting all the presents under the tree and Rodders hasn't really paid them any attention at all. My sister was away having her hair done and got back about half an hour later.

I gave Rodders his tea about 5.30pm and then took him up the road for a walk and let him have a runabout on  his extendable lead. He kept getting bits of tree stuck in his legs and when this happens he just sits down until I remove it, bit difficult in the dark but we managed!

About 7.30pm my other two nieces arrived with a husband and a boyfriend. It was good to see them all together, I can't remember when that last happened. It was quite noisy and Rodders took a moment before he decided that he was happy with all these people around and then threw himself in to things and was getting lots of fuss. I made sure that everyone is aware that they cannot feed him anything because of his poorly tummy.

I tried to keep Rodders out of the kitchen while dinner preparation were afoot as he was trying to scavenge. We all sat down for dinner and Rodders was (mostly) on his snuggle fleece beside me. He did escape under the table a couple of times, I hope he didn't find anything to eat.

Once dinner was over I gave him his supper. He seems much happier of 75g and is taking a little longer to eat it.

There are so many people moving about that he found it hard to settle and probably didn't fall asleep on his bed pad until gone 10.30pm this evening. I will take him out in to the garden before bed, just not sure when that will be!

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