Sunday, 18 December 2011

Another good night! But he has found the Christmas Tree

At 11.30pm it was time for bed. When I told Rodders he got up from the bed pad by the sofa and moved in to his crate. No way was he going to go out in to the garden. I locked up, switched out the lights, gave him his treats and said goodnight.

Not a peep out of him, even when I needed to use the bathroom at 2am but I did try to be very quiet. I woke up at 6.45am and came downstairs. Rodders was very pleased to see me and was happy to come out of his crate for a fuss and soon wanted out in to the garden for a piddle and a poop.

Once back in he wanted to come up on the sofa with me and slept for another two hours. When he woke up he wanted to play with his toys and then I spotted that he has managed to get a decoration off the tree. It got taken away from him with a firm no and out back. He tried to get it again and was told no.

I let him play while I got his breakfast and next few meals ready and he came in to the kitchen with me after a little while to see what I was doing, chopping up chicken. He was squeaking so I threw some kibble down for him, just a small handful. I put his breakfast down and he has eaten a little chicken and rice.

We then got the comb out and groomed him. He hasn't been done for a few days and is a little knotty so we didn't do all of him in one go, we will go back to it later. He got a treat for being a good boy and has now gone back to playing. He was spotted trying to get at the Christmas Tree but came away when asked.

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