Monday, 19 December 2011

What am I like!

So everything went to plan, puppy walked, me showered, hair dry and dressed for work. It was very frosty and we were lucky not to slip over on the paths and patio this morning. Rodders also ate most of his chicken and rice.

When it came to telling Rodders that I needed to go to work and he had to stay here I was in tears :-( Soppy cow that I am! He didn't seem bothered and went straight in his crate for treats - he had been out to the garden for a piddle 5 minutes before.

So off I went for my first day and met with HR for a brief induction before being handed over to my Manager and then the girl I am replacing. By the end of the morning I had two pages of notes and things were starting to make sense. It does seem a bit of a disjointed system with some things being done manually but I am sure I will get to grips with it.

By lunchtime I was getting twitchy about Rodders and couldn't wait to get him, thank goodness it is less than 5 minutes away! I shouldn't have been worried, he was quiet when I came in the door and didn't make a sound until I spoke. He then started squeaking and was desperate to get out of the crate for a fuss. As soon as he had been given a fuss I took him in to the garden for a piddle before making a cuppa and heating and eating my lunch. While waiting for things to cool down we were playing fetch with the ball. Lunch eaten (Rodders finished this mornings Chicken and Rice), I popped Rodders lead on and we went out in to the rain to deliver the Christmas Cards around Pentland. Rodders then had another run around in the garden before it was time to pop him back in his crate for the afternoon. This time I gave him a big chew along with his normal treats.

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