Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The adventure continues

Once OH was settled we slipped out the back again so we could bring in my bag and Rodders Car Crate - this is also used as his travel crate and he sleeps in here at night, or we hope he does!

Rodders and OH had a quick snuggle before we both changed for dinner and made our way over to the main club. We found a table in the bar and Rodders settled fairly quickly. I had taken a snuggle fleece and some treats just in case. Tuesday night in music night and there is a jazz trio in the restaurant, which we can hear from the bar, so it is always a little busy. Also, OH had been bragging about Rodders so the staff and regulars already knew all about him were all pleased to see him.

He spent most of the evening in the corner beside me but did move around under the table to check out OH and to have a look at people passing by us but he didn't make a sound.

When the band took a break I slipped out for a cigi with the bass player and left Rodders with OH. When I came back in there was quite a group around our table and Rodders was up having a cuddle. This is all good for him as he is still nervous around people.

The owner of the club knows us well as we have been staying here for several years and he was one of the group fussing Rodders. As he left for the evening he had a quiet word to say that Rodders is so good we are not to worry and to take up our usual table in the restaurant from now on! How brilliant is that!!!!!

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