Friday, 9 December 2011

We have had a nice afternoon

After his fairly long snooze Rodders woke up and wanted to play. I was just about to take him for a walk to use up some of the surplus energy but it was chucking it down with rain so we stayed home.

We played fetch with his ball and hide and seek with his crisp packet for a while and I used this as a training exercise to get him to stop playing and to sit and wait before we started again. I then combed him through without too much messing about so Rodders got a treat for this.

We then had a snuggle on the sofa before he went off to play with his yoghurt pots. He heard Bob and Pat next door going out so wanted to go in to the garden and bark. When he wouldn't stop barking I made him come back in.

I spotted that he had a gunky eye so we had a bit of a battle while I sorted that out. I think he is learning that if I want to do something like his eyes or coat it is easier not to fight me too much because I am going to do it anyway.

He has been back out in to the garden a couple of times and the wind is getting up so he has been standing with his head in to it so his ears go flying out behind him, he looks so funny!

About 5pm he went in to the kitchen and barked and barked so I asked if he was hungry and he started prancing about so I let him have his supper. He has eaten about two thirds of his kibble so I may put it back down again later of he asks for it.

When I was in the kitchen peeling potatoes for my dinner he obviously thought it was carrots and just stood and barked at me. I was telling OH about this and he told me I was being mean and should let him have a carrot. So nice Mummy I am I went and got him the last carrot top and he ran off to the conservatory munching it.

As I sat down to eat my dinner Rodders settled on his snuggle fleece and fell asleep. He has now moved through to his bed pad by the sofa but he won't be there too long as OH is calling in on his way past.

After another play with me and his ball he decided to play with the curtains but did stop when asked.

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