Thursday, 29 December 2011

Hmmm, wish I knew what was going on

Rodders wasn't sick again and he spent most of the afternoon and early evening playing both inside and out and really was quite lively, but he is barking a lot. I talked to OH about him and he wonders if giving him two bowls, one with kibble and one with the id diet will make a difference. I shall try this tomorrow rather than risk him being sick in the night. I did spot a mark on his fleece in his bed and wonder if he was sick in there in the night but ate it, would dogs do that? Anyway it had been washed and is hanging on the radiator to dry.

He barked for his tea and his supper and I just gave him the id diet, without any kibble. He wolfed it down as normal.

From about 8.30pm he slept on his bed pad until midnight when I woke him up to go out in the garden for a piddle.

I heard him give one bark about 3am and then he started barking for a piddle about 6.50am so I got up and came downstairs to let him out. He was very pleased to see me and wanted a fuss before being let in to the garden. The wind has got up overnight and it is blowing a gale out there and feels pretty cold.

When he came back in he was happy to come up on the sofa beside me but he wouldn't settle. His tummy seems very noisy again which isn't good. After about half an hour he wanted his breakfast so I weighed out 55g of id diet and 20g of kibble and put them in separate bowls. He wolfed down the id diet and had a little kibble before asking to go in the garden. When he came back in he ate the rest of the kibble.

He has been back in to the garden twice more and is now playing with his toys.

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