Thursday, 15 December 2011

Another interview

I drove up to the Industrial Estate for my second interview of the week and found the company straight away.

I had a problem getting in the doors as there is a sign asking you to ring the bell, I did but nobody answered and I was stuck between two sets of doors, both automatic, one opening and the other not. After a few minutes someone wanted out and they let me in. I then picked up the phone and dialled an extension as requested to let them know I was here and who I was meeting and signed in to the visitors book. I spotted a chap coming down the stairs who seemed to be showing out another candidate. Once he had done that he asked if he could help and I told him who I was waiting for and he said that was him. We made our way to the lift and in to a meeting room making the usual pre interview conversation about the journey!

Once in the meeting room he told me a little about the company and the job itself and I asked questions as we went along. He then asked me to talk a little about my cv and asked questions. This job sounds much more my thing than the one I was interviewed for earlier in the week and he seemed really pleased with how things had gone, his actual comment was that he was most impressed with what he had seen!

They are seeing three people in total and I was number two. I really hope that they like me and have my fingers firmly crossed.

I rang OH as soon as I was back in the car but we didn't talk for long as it is only 5 minutes from home and I wanted to see that Rodders was OK.

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