Sunday, 11 December 2011

It had all been going so well

I have been pottering about this evening and it seems to have unsettled Rodders.

While I was stood at the dining table printing off and preparing for an interview tomorrow he came up and lay on his snuggle fleece beside me. Without making a sound he got up and moved to the patio door. As I turned around to see where he had gone he was mid piddle :-(

He got thrown out in to the garden while I cleared up and sprayed with stain and odour remover. He wasn't happy and kept barking to be let back in and I told him he had to wait. When I did let him in he slunk past me and wasn't sure where to go, he looked at his bed pad by the sofa and the snuggle fleece by the dining table but chose the rolled up carpet instead.

He is still there playing with his toys.

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