Sunday, 11 December 2011

An busy afternoon

Once the shopping was all away I sat down with Rodders for a few minutes and then said that I needed to go in to the kitchen. He started to squeak again, telling me he was quite happy where he was I assume!

I put him down and went in to the kitchen anyway. I made the spag bol, unloaded the dishwasher and washing machine and sorted the recycling out. Rodders was pottering about playing or getting under my feet. He then stood at my feet barking and I asked if he was hungry. He went straight to the kitchen door so I picked up his bowl and went to get some kibble for him.

Once he had eaten he wanted to go out in to the garden and was barking so I made him come back in and come upstairs with me while I hung the washing on radiators.

The next time he went in to the garden he was happily playing for a while but started barking again so I went out to see why. I couldn't see or hear anything but did spot where he has been digging in the border. He wasn't very happy when I got the trowel and filled his hole in and even more disgruntled when I cleaned his feet as we came in the door!

I went upstairs to use the bathroom and he came too. By this point he just seemed to be getting more and more naughty. Is he tired or does he need to get rid of some energy?

I needed to move things around in the back bedroom to get to the underbed storage to get out the Christmas Cards, they really need to be in the post this week. While I was doing that Rodders was chewing a roll of wrapping paper, when that was taken off him he found some tissue paper.

Christmas cards found and another load of washing for the machine in my arms I started down the stairs. Rodders followed me with a slipper in his mouth!

It has been drizzly, dark and horrid most of the day so I decided we would do some road walking to try and wear Rodders out. We just went through the estate and up to the shops and back and I was making him sit and wait each time we crossed a road. He was mainly walking to heel and he wasn't pulling much but he does like to bark at people a lot of the time. We were out for over half an hour and, as soon as we got back, Rodders had a mad five minutes.

I then heard him growl, a much different sound to anything he has done before so I went to investigate. He was bring to drag a bag off a chair and it wasn't working! I made him come away and he is now having a snooze on the bed pad at my feet.

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