Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A whimper in the night

At bed time I took Rodders out in to the garden for a final piddle and he performed almost immediately, much better than the last couple of nights when he has sat there for ages.

Once he had finished he came back in and went straight to his bed pad, watching me as I locked up and switched out lights. Once I had his treats in my hand he was happy to come and climb in to his bed for the night and settled down straight away.

OH heard Rodders whimper at about 3am and then he started to bark at 5am so he got up and came down to him. He went straight out in to he garden for a poo and then a piddle, came back in for a quick snuggle and then wanted straight back out for another poo about five minutes later.

After that they had a snuggle on the sofa for a while but Rodders wouldn't let OH go back to sleep, each time he tried Rodders gave him a wash! He did also manage to help himself to a used tissue on the sofa, OH said it is a bit like a magician getting flags out of his mouth trying to remove a tissue from Rodders mouth, it seems to just keep on coming!

They had breakfast together before coming upstairs so that OH could have a shower and Rodders could check where I was. He jumped up at the side of the bed so I gave him a bit of a fuss and then heard OH call him to the bathroom so I rolled over for another snooze. What I didn't know until later was that Rodders hadn't gone to the bathroom, he had gone downstairs with my bra! He came back up as OH got out of the shower. As OH was drying himself off he could hear Rodders trying to get in to the laundry so came through to stop him.

Rodders came up on the bed with me while OH got dressed and was trying to get OH's socks when he wasn't jumping all over my head or trying to chew my hair. Once back down he disappeared downstairs with one of my shoes.

OH came downstairs as I went in to the bathroom and retrieved my shoe and threw my slippers back up to me, my laminate floors downstairs are cold so you always need something on your feet! Laminate is great when you have a puppy though, much easier to clean puddles up from than a carpet. Luckily he has only piddled on the landing carpet twice so far.

As OH was leaving Rodders went out to the gate with him but came running back inside when I called him. I think this is brilliant as he loves being with OH but knows that I am the boss!

Once OH had gone Rodders was happy to settle back down on his bed pad for a snooze.

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