Friday, 9 December 2011

Puppy Class No 6

Rodders and I left for puppy class and he whimpered a bit in the car to start with, this is becoming a bit of a habit :-(

When we got there Juno was waiting and we could see Tinker still in the car (her owner has another dog that does the class before). Molly joined us in the car park and just as the class began Molly's brother joined us. We also got to see Tarka to find out how she got on at the next level class - it was much harder apparently.

Sam joined us and she greeted all the puppy's, Rodders even seemed pleased to see her! We all swapped puppies and after a quick look to see where I was Rodders was happy to accept treats and fuss from other people. He was still pleased to come back to me though.

We went straight out to the field as it was very sunny and bright (flipping cold though!) with Rodders and I in the front. He was walking nicely to heel until we got to the field and then wanted to run and sniff. This could be because he is a bundle of energy or it could be because I usually allow him freedom on fields so I am going to try a couple of things: 1. We will do a walk before Puppy School next week to make sure he has got rid of the excess energy and 2. At least one walk a week on the field will be on his normal lead.

We were all walking around some posts to heel and he was still being a monkey but we had to stop and clear up as he pooped. By the time we caught up we were doing heel & down rather than heel and sit. He did OK at this and was going in to the down position better than he had been.

We then played with tuggy's and I was having to say no and check him two or three times before he would give up his toy so Sam came and showed me how she would do it. Rodders nearly went in to the next field! It would appear I need to be tougher. But after Sam had checked him he wasn't too interested in the toy and wanted to eat mud and rabbit poo. Another thing I need to practice when we are on the rugby field.

We then tried recall by making the puppy's sit, wait and then come. Rodders wouldn't wait until Sam stood on his lead but when asked to come he couldn't wait to get to me for a treat. We did this twice and he was as bad both times.

We then did a bit more heel work before going on to down and stay. He did a little better at this but I was only ever a lead length away and didn't let go.

We then heeled over to the agility course but we were running out of time so we only did the A Frame and the tunnel. Neither were a problem but it would be better if he would wait at the start of the tunnel without Sam having to hold him.

As we were walking back at the hall I was chatting with Sam and telling her about our week. She thinks that all the extra socialisation is working well and she can see how much more confident he is. She also thinks that him getting bolder may mean that he is testing his limits and I need to be a little firmer with him.

We got back in to the hall and he did a good sit and wait at the door. Once inside he went in to down as we wrapped up but when everyone else made their way back to the door he was happy to stay where he was!

I did get him to come out and got him in to the car and for the first time in days he wanted his treat. On the way back I ran in to the little Tesco for bread and milk and left him in the car. He was silent until I got back in and then gave a few squeaks to make sure I knew he was there!

Back home he has had a quick play, has eaten about half a bowl of kibble, has been in to the garden twice and is now having a snooze.

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