Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Off for an interview

It took me a little while to scrape my car, the ice on the windscreen was like glass and needed to be almost chipped off. It is days like this I wish that I used de-icer but it doesn't do your paint work any good.

OH called to say his appointment was over and he was on his way. I missed a parcel late last week so I had left enough time to go to the sorting office to collect it. Our sorting office is in a really stupid place and has no parking so it is always a bit tricky. I hung up on OH and abandoned my car on double yellow lines after checking that the parking warden wasn't in sight and ran across the road, they were queuing out the door, I had left enough time but not that much so I thought it best not to wait.

I rang OH back and we agreed that we would go to the sorting office later so that he could drive around the block while I went in, much easier! I headed for the industrial estate to check out where the interview was and to make sure they had parking. I still had ten minutes to spare so I drove around the block rather than be too early. OH was giving me a pep talk! I hung up on him just before I went in.

The lady on reception was lovely and we chatted as I waited for my appointment. She has seven dogs!  Bang on time I was collected from reception by the HR lady and we went upstairs to meet the Finance Manager. It was a very relaxed interview but I just didn't think I did too well. It is a job much lower than my capabilities but back working at something I know I am good at. Forty five minutes later I was back in the car.

I rang OH to see where he was and he was just behind me so I took the opportunity to go to the cashpoint knowing that he would be with Rodders shortly.

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