Thursday, 29 December 2011

Such a happy puppy (& Maty)

OH rang to see how we were doing today and I was part way through updating him when he said "you had better out the kettle on". I asked where he was as I walked in to the kitchen and spotted him pulling up outside the back gate. I have told him during the week that Rodders was missing him and would go nuts when he saw him next and I wasn't wrong.

Rodders had followed me through to the kitchen and was sniffing about my feet when the back door went. He barked twice as he dashed towards the door and then his tone changed to squeaks of delight and he wanted up for a snuggle where he stayed for ages. Rodders looked so happy to see OH, it showed in every little bit of him.

Eventually OH managed to put him down and I got a hug hello, Rodders wasn't sure about that at all and gave the odd strangled bark. OH told him not to be so stupid.

From then on Rodders followed OH everywhere he went as he pottered about doing things and didn't want to leave his side. I had a really heavy box in the car and OH went to get it for me and I thought Rodders was going to actually cry. You would have thought that OH had been away for hours rather than a few minutes by the greeting he got when he came back in the door.

I took the opportunity to go upstairs and have a bath and get dressed in peace. When I came back downstairs they were both cuddled up on the sofa. I left them to it and went outside to poop scoop so that I could check they looked OK before calling the vets with an update. Rodders didn't like me being outside without him and wanted down. He greeted me at the door squeaking.

I rang the vet and explained what I have been doing and how Rodders is. They will pass the message on to Roger and give me a call back if they need to. Him eating from two bowls is fine, as long as it works.

OH needed some help with his year end accounts which we sorted out and then I made us some lunch and then gave Rodders his in two bowls. So far, everything he has had today has stayed put which is great. We then all sat, cuddled up on the sofa, watching television for a while until it was time for OH to go. Rodders went to the gate with him and then came back when called.

Both of us are so much happier for our surprise visit!

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